Edina parking ramp at 50th and France to temporarily close for repairs

The Edina South Parking Ramp at 50th Street and France Avenue will temporarily close on Monday, June 12 for repairs, according to a news release sent by city officials.

The parking structure at 4050 West 51st Street is expected to be closed for about four to eight weeks.

Only the parking garage will be closed, with pedestrian routes throughout the block and alley access for business deliveries remaining open, the news release said.

Parking will still be available Sunday, June 11 before work begins Monday morning.

Pedestrians using the walkways should follow all posted signs and avoid the construction sites.

Maintenance workers are expected to make structural repairs as well as other maintenance projects on the ramp.

“The City understands that this work is disruptive to employees and customers. The structural decay will only get worse if delayed further and the repairs cannot be postponed,” Economic Development Manager Bill Neuendorf said in a statement. “We hope to reopen the South Parking Ramp in a better, brighter and safer condition.”

The ramp was built in 1968 and repairs were originally scheduled for the spring. However, the news release states that “damage was worse than expected” and four concrete support columns need to be rebuilt because of “excessive decay.”

City officials say the ramp is “safe for the time being” because of temporary supports put in place.