Eau Claire bus driver helps deliver baby in bus shelter

Eau Claire transit driver delivers baby in bus shelter

Eau Claire transit driver delivers baby in bus shelter

One Wisconsin bus driver has quite the story to tell after he helped deliver a baby.

Eau Claire Transit bus driver Jerry Melsness was having a regular start to his Friday, but it would soon turn into a day he’d never forget.

“I was probably about three-quarters into my run, then I picked up a very pregnant lady,” he remembered. “Probably about five minutes after that, I dropped a gentleman off at a stop. My bus was parked and she screamed a couple of times so then I went and asked her if she was OK. She said she’s fine.”

But a short while later at the Temporary Transfer Center in downtown Eau Claire, the woman told Melsness that she wanted to go to the hospital.

The next bus wouldn’t be there for half an hour, so the woman hunkered down in a bus shelter on the north side of the Transfer Center.

“She laid down on the bench saying, ‘Hold my hand, hold my hand! So then I was holding her hand. And then her contractions got worse and worse. Next thing she’s doubled up saying, ‘Oh, I feel the head.’ And then the rest is history,” Melsness said.

Transit Specialist Tina Deetz said that as far as she knows, this was a first for Eau Claire Transit.

“You see this stuff on TV and all the movies, but it’s still surreal right now,” she said.

This story contains reporting from WQOW, the ABC affiliate station in Eau Claire.