Duluth Police Department updates use of force policy

The Duluth Police Department has updated its use of force policy as departments locally and nationally re-evaluate their practices.

ABC affiliate WDIO-TV reports the Duluth Police Department made changes to its policy Thursday to include: The formal banning of chokeholds and strangleholds, the requirement of de-escalation tactics and warnings before shooting, and the duty to intervene regardless of tenure or rank.

Other changes include banning shooting at moving vehicles and making it a requirement that officers report all incidents involving use of force.

Updates to the policy can be viewed here.

"When our community reached out to us and asked us to do an audit, we took that seriously," Police Chief Mike Tusken told WDIO-TV. "We found that DPD followed best practices, however, we recognize the opportunity to add and clarify policy language which will provide greater clarity and direction to our officers."

Meanwhile, Sgt. Joel Olejnicak told WDIO-TV comprehensive training and policy to reflect that training is essential to prepare officers for the situations they encounter.

"Ultimately, when we provide them with the best possible training, the best possible results end up for the public and that’s really what we are looking for," Olejnicak told WDIO-TV.

Tusken told WDIO-TV the new policy changes are effective immediately and officers are expected to review and sign off on them.