Dog stolen from Humane Society found, returned unharmed

A dog that was stolen from the Animal Humane Society in St. Paul near the end of last month has been found and returned to the Humane Society unharmed.

St. Paul Police said the dog, Beezie, was taken for a walk by a man and woman on Feb. 28 but wasn't brought back. The employees said they were concerned for Beezie's safety and filed a report with police.

The department said Sgt. Bob Bisson talked to employees, collected evidence, reviewed surveillance video and followed leads, and it all paid off on Thursday.

As Sgt. Bisson was driving on Stanford Avenue, he saw the suspect vehicle in front of a home. After he knocked on the door, a man answered and said he'd planned on bringing Beezie back. He then turned her over to the sergeant who returned her to the Humane Society.

St. Paul Police said the Humane Society didn't want to press charges, it just wanted Beezie back, safe and sound.