DNR introduces log to track information on deer, wildlife

A new online log from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is allowing people to track the deer and animals they see while spending time outside.

The log is meant to allow hunters and outdoorsmen to share their day-to-day observations of deer and information on other animals in the field in order to help expand the DNR’s knowledge of Minnesota animals, according to the DNR.

Hunters can also report specific information about the deer they harvest.

Log entries will be compiled into a publicly available annual report to be compared to DNR population estimates for managing wildlife, the DNR added.

The log is available on mobile devices with an internet connection. The DNR is encouraging those outside frequently to use the log as much as they can.

For more information on the wildlife sighting log, visit the DNR’s webpage. Access to the log can be found on the DNR’s webpage.