Discolored water reported in Woodbury neighborhoods, crews working to fix issue

Crews are working to figure out why discolored water is coming from some taps in Woodbury.

The city of Woodbury said Tuesday morning that it has received reports of discolored water coming from taps in southeast neighborhoods.

According to the city, the water remains safe to drink and staff is flushing the water to fix the issue.

City utility division manager Jim Westerman provided the following update Tuesday afternoon.

"Utility staff have been working throughout the day to address the issue. The City of Woodbury has significant property development and new construction. During construction water lines and valves are installed and operated. At times these steps can impact the existing system. We believe this is the cause of the discolored water. While the water remains safe to drink, staff are responding to the situation by flushing the water from the mains throughout the area to address the issue. This effort can take some time but we believe the majority of the discolored water will be flushed from the mains by later today."

Anyone with questions can contact the Public Works Department at 651-714-3720 or email publicworks@woodburymn.gov.