Demolition derby driver airlifted to hospital after car fire at Pine County Fair

A driver in the demolition derby at the Pine County Fair was airlifted to the hospital after a car fire on Friday, according to the Fair’s Facebook page.

The driver was wearing a fire top layer but still sustained injuries, according to a Facebook status that the Fair shared. He was then airlifted to Regions Hospital.

The driver’s post, shared by the Fair, also reads:

“I appreciate the well wishes and the prayers, you are all amazing. I love my family and the sport of demolition derby very much. Good luck to all the drivers Hopefully I can join you guys again in the future. Until then, I’m laying low.”

The Pine County Fair also put out a statement regarding the incident:

“We are incredibly relieved that Jeremiah is in stable condition and receiving excellent care. We stand alongside our community in wishing him a swift recovery, and we look forward to seeing him back at the demolition derby in the future. Please join us in keeping Jeremiah in your thoughts and offering him well wishes.”