Dayton’s Winter Market expands number of Minnesota brands

Many families in the Twin Cities have holiday traditions at Dayton’s Market, and this year, the vendors are bringing back the nostalgia with the Dayton’s Project in downtown Minneapolis in an effort to bring a traditional feeling to the old building.

The downtown Dayton’s has been a holiday staple in Minnesota since it first opened in 1902, and that tradition continues with the Dayton’s project relaunch.

The Winter Maker’s Market is back for a second year, and for many Minnesotans, it also brings back special holiday memories.

“We would all go to the eighth floor inside of Dayton’s. They’d have a different theme, be it Dickens or something else and you’d stand in line with your mom — in my case, my mother and sisters. We’d have lunch at the Oak Grill and then we’d pick out our Christmas gifts,” said Mich Berthiaume, a curator at Dayton’s Winter Market.

This year, there are twice as many vendors as last year, with more than 65 Minnesota-based brands and three different shopping experiences. It includes well-known brands like “Sota Clothing” and Red Wing Shoes, as well as Minnesota companies that you may not have heard of.

“Watching it grow this year to over doubling the brands and bringing back our Santa Bear, which people stood in line for since 1986 to get, and we’ll be launching that Santa Bear very soon,” Berthiaume added.

Dayton’s officials say they’re happy to be back and to watch downtown Minneapolis come to life again.

The Winter Maker’s Market runs through Jan. 13.