Data shows 3,900 jobs added in Minnesota during month of July

A report from Minnesota’s Department of Employment and Economic Development shows the state gained 3,900 jobs in July, an increase of one-tenth of a point from the month before.

The news release states the state’s total rate of labor force participation is 68.5%. The national rate is currently at 62.2%.

This follows a trend of five months of growth that saw 26,000 jobs added. However, the total number of people in the state’s labor force is still smaller than it was in Feb. 2020 by about 19,000, when the participation rate was 69.9%.

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Commissioner Matt Varilek said in the news release “Ongoing growth in our state’s labor force is a positive sign as many Minnesota employers continue looking for the workers they need. At DEED, we’re working to expand our employment and training programs to help Minnesotans prepare for and find employment in high-demand fields on a path to family-sustaining wages.” 

The job growth primarily comes from four supersectors in the state, including trade, transportation & utilities (2,900 jobs), education and health services (1,500 jobs), and professional & business services (500 jobs).

Industries reporting job loss include manufacturing (800 jobs), information (400 jobs), construction (300 jobs) and Government and Mining and Logging (100 jobs).

The leisure and hospitality industry lost about 3,800 jobs, making July the second month in a row of losses.

DEED reports that the state’s average hourly wages for all private sector workers increased by 83 cents to $36.18 from June to July.

The average hourly earning increased by $1.80, or about 5.2% over the past year, while the Consumer Price Index shows inflation rose by about 3.2%.

The DEED news release adds every Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the state gained jobs in the past year, with the Twin Cities adding a total of 34,971 positions, a growth rate of about 1.8%. The Mankato MSA lead with the highest rate of job growth, about 3,760 positions, or 6.9%.

More information on the data gathered can be found here.