Customs and Border Protection officers seize over 9K pills in Minneapolis

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Minneapolis recently seized more than 9,000 medications.

CBP said the shipment arrived from Thailand and was worth more than $6,000. The parcel was addressed to a St. Paul residence and was manifested as Herbal Candy. Officers found 1,000 nitaquin-chloroquine phosphate tablets, 1,200 Vistra B Complex pills, 24 Tiffy Dey Syrup bottles, 12 benda mebendazole capsules, 200 Noxa 20mg piroxicam pills, 200 Tiffy Dey paracetamol tablets, 200 penicillin v500,000 units, 120 amoxy-P amoxicillin capsules, 1,000 folic acid tablets, 200 decolgen prin paracetamol tablets, 4,000 cemol capsules, and 1,000 biovit B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride pills.

According to CBP, the shipment over over-the-counter medications had no U.S. Food and Drug Administration notification and was seized.

"The FDA has rules in place to protect the American consumer, and CBP will enforce those rules to ensure medication that is arriving at our port of entry is regulated and safe," Augustine Moore, CBP area port director-Minneapolis, said.