Cummins picks Fridley for 1st US electrolyzer production plant

A major manufacturer has chosen Fridley as the site of its first United States-based electrolyzer manufacturing facility.

Monday, Cummins said it will dedicate 89,000 square feet of its existing facility in Fridley to electrolyzer production.

Electrolyzers separate water into oxygen and hydrogen. When done using renewable electricity, it makes “green” or carbon-free hydrogen that can be stored as a compressed gas or liquid and used as a clean power source for a variety of sectors, Cummins says.

“Expanding Cummins’ electrolyzer manufacturing footprint to the United States is a milestone not only for our company but an important step in advancing global decarbonization efforts,” Alexey Ustinov, the vice president of electrolyzers at Cummins, said. “This is a reflection of increasing government support through the Inflation Reduction Act, Hydrogen Hubs and a blossoming hydrogen economy in the states. Cummins’ ability to leverage our manufacturing, engineering and sourcing knowledge to build capacity will help us meet increased customer demand and continue to accelerate the clean energy transition.”

Recently, Cummins has also expanded its electrolyzer manufacturing capacity in Belgium and Canada, and announced plans to build new electrolyzer factories in Spain and China. The Fridley site will be its first U.S. electrolyzer manufacturing facility.

“The City was excited to hear the announcement of the United States’ first electrolyzer production plant would be built in the Fridley Cummins location,” Scott Hickok, the community development director for Fridley, said in a statement. “We are proud to see continued growth of our robust industrial district to meet customer demand while also providing a clean energy source. These efforts help drive the City’s Energy Action Plan to reduce community energy use through conservation and renewable energy. Thank you, Cummins, for continuing to choose Fridley and being a valued business in our community!”

“We congratulate Cummins on choosing Minnesota as the location for its first electrolyzer production plant in the country,” Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Commissioner Steve Grove added. “We’re proud that Cummins recognizes the many elements that make Minnesota a great place to expand business – from our strong work ethic and educated workforce to our diverse economy and innovative culture. Thank you for building what matters in Minnesota.”