Culver’s CurderBurger temporarily returning to menu in October

Fast-food burger chain Culver’s has announced that its famed CurderBurger will be returning to the menu for a little more than two weeks this month.

The burger, which consists of a deluxe ButterBurger with a large, fried cheese curd disc the size of the burger patty on top of the meat, will return to the menu on Oct. 12, just ahead of National Curd Day.

Culver’s said it will stay on the menu through the end of the month.

The burger started as an April Fool’s joke by Culver’s on social media in 2021, but they made that joke a one-day reality on National Cheese Curd Day last year following many requests.

The April Fool’s Day social media joke that the CurderBurger is based on.