Como Zoo: Daisy the giraffe dead at 23

Members of the Como Zoo say its 23-year-old giraffe, Daisy, has died.

According to zoo officials, Daisy suffered from a severe form of arthritis, saying it had affected her mobility and ability to rest, and also caused her to be in pain.

Due to her condition, the zoo said care staff and veterinarians decided to humanely euthanize Daisy on Thursday morning.

Before moving to St. Paul in 2002, Daisy was at the San Diego Wild Animal Park for almost three years.

“Como Zoo has provided excellent care and welfare for Daisy that has allowed her to live a long life. At 23 years old, she has far surpassed the life expectancy of female giraffes in the Species Survival Program,” said Amy Schilz, the Giraffe Species Survival Plan Coordinator.

Zoo officials say Daisy had eight calves throughout her life, adding many of them are still living around the country in other zoos.

In an online statement, Jill Erzar, the Senior Zookeeper, said Daisy was “quick to judge and slow to accept her human coworkers” and “a fierce and protective mother who would do anything to keep her calves safe.”

Two other giraffes are still at Como Zoo – Clover and Skeeter.

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