City of Dayton officials discuss ‘seceding’ from Hennepin County

Dayton city leaders discussed “seceding” from Hennepin County on Tuesday night, weeks after Champlin city leaders also considered leaving the county.

Dayton Chair of Economic Development Authority Tim Hutter said during Tuesday’s city council meeting that he believes Hennepin County is spending tax dollars unevenly and that the city is not getting its fair share.

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“I think that for what we’re not getting, for what we’re paying for in taxes, we always end up on the short stick of what this city needs to get, whether it’s infrastructure, roads, you name it,” Tim Hutter. “We’ve personally applied for grants from Hennepin County and we completely get shut down every time.”

The Champlin City Council started a workgroup exploring leaving Hennepin County for neighboring Anoka County earlier this summer.

Dayton, a city on the northern edge of the county on the Mississippi River, has a population of just over 8,000 according to a 2021 census.