Charges: New Hope woman abducted daughter to avoid getting her vaccinated

A New Hope woman is facing charges after court officials said she abducted her daughter outside of a Health Partners clinic in Brooklyn Center.

As of 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday, neither the woman or her child have been found, according to the Hennepin county Attorney’s Office.

Deanna Sue Konz has been charged with depriving custody/parental rights-violation of court order-taking a minor and depriving another custody/parental rights-concealing a minor.

Police responded to a report of an abducted child in Brooklyn Center on Friday, according to the criminal complaint.

The child’s father told police that he was taking his daughter to get vaccinated. The father had suffered a stroke and needed to be transported to the clinic by Metro Mobility, according to court documents.

He saw his daughter get into a Honda Pilot parked near the front door, but was being unloaded from the Metro Mobility vehicle and couldn’t intervene. Court documents state that he told police that Konz drives a Honda Pilot.

Konz is already charged with felony deprivation of parental rights for taking her daughter away from her ex-husband in order to avoid vaccinations, the complaint said. She was released on the condition that she would not have contact with her daughter.

The criminal complaint states that after the last time Konz took her child, the family court “indefinitely suspended” her parenting time. Konz is in violation of that order, as well as the condition that she would not have contact with her daughter, court documents said.

When contacted by police, Konz, said she was “trying to save her daughter’s life,” according to the criminal complaint.

There is an active warrant out for Konz.