Charges: Blaine man planted camera to film inside neighbors’ home

A 62-year-old man is charged with interfering with privacy after allegedly installing a camera aimed at his neighbor’s bedroom.

Glen Alden Grossman, of Blaine, was charged with one count of interfering with privacy on Tuesday, according to a criminal complaint.

Officers from Blaine say they were called to Pierce Street shortly before noon on July 8 on a report of interfering with privacy. The caller told officials he was inside his home when he observed Grossman, his neighbor, walk up to the fence splitting their property and put something on it.

The criminal complaint states that the caller went outside and picked up the object, which was a Panasonic Lumix camera that was on and recording. He then went back to his home and watched the recording with a woman who also lives in the home.

The video showed a close-up of their bedroom window, with the caller moving around inside. The victims told officers they went over to their neighbors to confront him, at which point he “immediately” started crying and repeating “I’m so sorry.”

The victims told law enforcement they felt “shocked, disturbed, violated, and that they believed Grossman’s intentions were to see nudity inside their home.”

Grossman is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Sept. 18.