CC, Como Zoo’s oldest sea lion, dies at 31

The Como Park Zoo and Conservatory announced its oldest sea lion, Sealia, better known as CC, died at the age of 31 on Saturday.

According to the zoo, the average life expectancy of a sea lion is 15-25 years.

Despite zookeeper and veterinary treatment for decreased kidney function and a possible systemic infection, CC’s health declined in recent weeks prior to her death. Zoo officials say they decided to humanely euthanize CC due to her condition.

“Como Zoo is proud of the great work we do with our animals, and this animal’s long life is a result of the amazing care by zookeepers and veterinary staff, as well as the Zoo industry embracing and learning more about geriatric animals in captivity,” Michelle Furrer, Como Park Zoo and Conservatory manager, said in a statement.

Many visitors to Como Zoo saw CC perform for years in the “Sparky Show” live sea lion show. The zoo said that CC was the first female Sparky and could be seen showing off her tricks for visitors from 2002 until her retirement in 2015. She was the sixth sea lion star in the show.

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The 31-year-old sea lion was born at Como Zoo and enjoyed soaking in her “hot tub”, a kiddie pool filled with warm water, the zoo said.

“CC was very smart,” said Senior Zookeeper Allison Jungheim in an online statement. “She had her own preferences for trainers, fish, sleeping locations and much more. She had her keepers wrapped around her flipper, who were always willing to cater to her wishes.”