Burnsville man faces federal charges for having guns, switches

A Burnsville felon is facing federal charges after he was allegedly found in possession of guns and switches to make guns fully automatic.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says 29-year-old Benjamin Jehle Zwack, who works at a licensed gun store, was selling 3D-printed machine gun conversion devices, often called switches or auto sears. The devices allow guns to be fired as fully automatic weapons.

Prosecutors say an undercover agent went to the store where Zwack works on March 7 and bought 11 switches from him. The agent also saw a gun in Zwack’s waistband.

Law enforcement then executed a search warrant for Zwack’s home and vehicle and found a pistol, shotgun and ammunition while a storage locker was found to have other guns, ammunition, suspected homemade silencers and a suspected destructive device, the attorney’s office says.

Zwack has a prior felony conviction that makes it illegal for him to have any guns or ammunition.