Burnsville warns residents of ‘abnormal raccoon behavior’

Burnsville Animal Control is sending out a warning to the public about the recent increase in oddly behaving racoons.

On Oct. 6, Burnsville Police received information about these reports from animal control. Burnsville Animal Control has noticed an unusual number of sick raccoon reports since July 2023 with 39 reports to date. To compare, there were only 17 reports in 2022. The location of these reports has been spread across the city of Burnsville.

These raccoons apparently seem to stagger, experience seizures, unafraid of their surroundings, allow people to approach them or laying/slumped for an extended period of time. Two raccoons taken to the U of M have even tested positive for distemper and salmonellosis.

People are advised to stay away from raccoons or any wildlife they encounter and to protect children and pets from approaching wildlife. 

If you encounter a raccoon or any wildlife displaying abnormal or concerning behavior, call Burnsville Animal Control at 952-894-3647.