Brainerd ice fishing tournament transitioning to hybrid model for 2024

The Brainerd Jaycee Ice Fishing Extravaganza will be held in a hybrid model this year, organizers for the event say.

The hybrid model will use the platform Fish Donkey, where participants can sign up for the tournament and upload a picture of their ticket.

The webpage for the extravaganza said, “This hybrid model extends the tournament across multiple Brainerd Area lakes where participants can still compete and experience the thrill of the Extravaganza from the safety and comfort of their chosen locations. The committee is also working on providing in-person support on main accesses across the area to directly help contestants who may not be familiar with the platform. Multiple changes have been adapted from the Fish Donkey tournament held in 2021.”

Although online ticket sales are over, participants can still purchase tickets from local Fleet Farm stores.

The extravaganza, which is set to begin Feb. 3, has three core ideals for the ice fishing tradition, which include bringing in economic support to businesses in the area, donating all funds to local charities and encouraging people to enjoy a Midwest hobby, according to the event’s webpage.

“While we understand that this may not be the ideal scenario for some participants, we deem it crucial to prioritize safety and flexibility in light of unprecedented ice conditions. We insist that all contestants exercise utmost caution on any ice. Our steadfast commitment to delivering an unforgettable and thrilling event remains a priority. Rest assured, our confidence in this hybrid approach enables us to navigate and overcome any challenges that may arise,” organizers with the extravaganza said.

For more information on the Brainerd Jaycee Ice Fishing Extravaganza, visit their website.