Blue-green algae confirmed in Woodbury lake

The city of Woodbury is advising residents to avoid contact with water in one local lake due to the presence of blue-green algae.

Officials say the algae was discovered at Carver Lake on Monday and the beach has been closed until further notice.

While the city notes that not all blue-green algal blooms produce toxins, there isn’t any sure way to know if or when they may produce toxins.

That’s why the public is urged to stay out of the water and keep their pets from it until the matter is resolved.

Anyone who believes they or a pet are experiencing adverse health effects from the lake is advised to get medical help immediately. Symptoms in pets can include vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, difficulty breathing and seizures, the Minnesota Department of Health says, noting animals are particularly susceptible to algae.

Woodbury says non-beach activities for kids participating in Camp Carver will continue as scheduled.