Bloomington police offer reward for information on missing woman’s remains

Bloomington Police Department on Thursday announced a $2,000 reward for any information that leads to the recovery of April Pease’s remains.

Pease went missing in March of 2009.

The father of Pease’s son, Cedric Marks, and Kellee Sorenson were charged with Pease’s murder in 2020.

Marks has ties to Clearview, Oklahoma, and police believe that’s where Pease’s remains could be.

As previously reported, police began looking at Marks as a person of interest in Pease’s disappearance after he was arrested for an unrelated murder in Texas.

Marks and Pease had a child together when they lived in Washington, but Pease and her 4-year-old son relocated to a women’s shelter in Bloomington in 2009 after Marks had assaulted her, police said.

Investigators found that Marks and Sorensen traveled to Minnesota in March 2009 and found Pease. Investigators say they then took Pease against her will and drove south on Interstate 35.

Marks then allegedly killed Pease while Sorensen sat in the vehicle.

Investigators have searched Clearview for Pease’s body, but it has not been found.

Authorities say Marks is on death row in Texas for the unrelated murder and Sorensen has been found incompetent for the murder of Pease. There is a warrant out for Marks in Hennepin County.

Anyone with information on where her body is located is asked to contact Bloomington police at 952-563-4689. You can submit tips anonymously.