Betty Danger’s in Northeast Minneapolis for sale

Betty Danger’s Animal Farm in Northeast Minneapolis is for sale, according to an offering memorandum from Results Commercial.

Online real estate sites list the 2501 Marshall St. NE site at $4.2 million.

The Betty Danger’s website calls the restaurant a “campy dystopian and politically inspired” venue that is a satirical interpretation of George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm.”

The listing says the property, furnishings, fixtures and restaurant equipment are included, as well as an adjacent single-family home.

Minneapolis business outlets reported that the restaurant, which includes mini-golf and a Ferris wheel, went up for sale in 2020 for $1 million more than it’s listed for this time around.

Like many restaurants, the spot reopened in 2021 with a name change from Betty Danger’s Country Club to Betty Danger’s Animal Farm.

It is unknown at this time if Betty Danger’s will close during the process or if the restaurant will remain the same when it changes hands.