Barriers to be placed in Folwell Park to deter vehicles

Crews placing temporary barriers at Folwell Park

Crews placing temporary barriers at Folwell Park

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) said logs and other obstacles are being placed at “various locations” to deter vehicles from driving through Folwell Park.

A news release from the MPRB reminds people that driving through the park is illegal and unsafe. The obstacles are meant to be temporary in order to prevent people from doing so.

Late Friday night, a suspect driving what appears to be a stolen car reportedly jumped the curb, drove across part of the green space, and abandoned the car shortly before police arrived.  No one was hurt and no arrests were made, but there has been an uptick in cases like this recently at Folwell Park.

“We are trying out a few barriers in key spots to see if that is helpful,” said Crystal Passi with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

“We are placing it in some key spots, protecting playground areas and anywhere kids might be and a couple key spots by the parking lot right now,” she said.

If the concept works, it could be incorporated at other parks across the city.

Any park-goers are also asked to report any vehicles in the park (other than law enforcement vehicles) by calling 911.

Feedback on improvements to the park can be given by filling out a survey found here.

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