MSP police identify baby, find mother safe

UPDATE: MSP Airport Police have identified the baby and found her mother, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension says.

Authorities say the mother is safe.

The Minneapolis Police Department is taking over the investigation, according to an airport spokesperson.

An earlier version of this report can be found below.

A baby believed to be about 10 months old was found at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Sunday night, and police are asking for help in identifying the child’s parents or guardians.

A report from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said the child arrived with a “person in crisis” around 9 p.m. via light rail. That adult female is not believed to be a relative or guardian of the child.

Police said the child’s identity remains unknown, and that no children matching the description of the child have been reported missing or abducted.

Anyone with information on the identity of the child is asked to contact the MAC Emergency Communication Center at 612-726-5577 or call 911.