Audubon man seriously injured in Becker County snowmobile crash

An Audubon man was seriously injured in a crash while snowmobiling with his son in Becker County.

The Becker County Sheriff's Office said deputies were called to a snowmobile crash at about 4:26 p.m. Wednesday about 2 miles north of Audubon.

According to the sheriff's office, 35-year-old Jeffrey Gillespie and his 15-year-old son were operating snowmobiles when Gillespie hit a snow embankment and slowed down. His son also hit the embankment, but his vision was obscured by snow fog, and the son landed on top of his father and snowmobile, causing Gillespie significant injuries.

Gillespie was transported to a hospital, and his current condition is unknown.

The crash remains under investigation.