Attempted carjacking in Golden Valley leaves senior injured

Golden Valley Police say that a woman in her 80s was hurt when a group of juveniles tried to carjack her vehicle on Tuesday.

According to the press release, the woman was watering her lawn around noon on the 6400 block of Westchester Circle when five young men stopped in front of her home and prevented her from trying to close her garage door.

The suspects then demanded the women’s car keys and pushed her to the ground. The group ran away after, without stealing her car, after the woman started screaming.

The woman broke her arm during the incident.

The Golden Valley Police Chief Virgil Green said they are working with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office on the case.

The juveniles were using a stolen car the day of the attempted carjacking that was later recovered in St. Paul, according to the sheriff’s office investigation.

“I know our citizens are concerned and frustrated, and I want them to know their safety is a top priority,” said Green. “This incident wasn’t because we have a patrol staffing issue. We are taking every step to make sure our city is safe.”

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