Animal Humane Society temporarily closes all adoption center locations due to canine influenza

Due to an outbreak of canine influenza, Animal Humane Society says it is temporarily closing all of its locations across the metro area.

According to the Humane Society, the adoption centers in Golden Valley, Woodbury and Coon Rapids will be temporarily closed starting Thursday in order to prevent spreading of the virus. There isn’t any word on how long the closure will last.

Although it’s treatable, the virus is contagious and can cause a respiratory infection in dogs, as well as cats on occasion.

The Humane Society says the virus is spread by inhaling viral particles spread by an infected dog through coughing. Symptoms typically start two to four days after being exposed to the virus.

As a part of the temporary closure, adoptions and programs have been paused at all three of those locations while animals are being treated. The Veterinary Center on University Avenue will still be open for appointments, education and training programming.

The Humane Society adds that it will contact everyone who adopted an animal since March 23 to alert them to the possibility of exposure and provide guidance.