Anglers gear up for ice fishing season

Thousands of anglers are testing the waters when it comes to new technology, tools and tackle.

Many are biding their time, waiting for those temps to dip just long enough to head out on the ice.

The official winter harvest on the water kicks off on Dec. 1.

For the seventh season in a row, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources counted enough walleye on Lake Mille Lacs that anglers are allowed to take home one walleye.

Regulations saying they must be between 21-23 inches or one walleye longer than 28 inches.

The DNR reported finding a higher number of walleye this fall — even marking the condition of the fish to be significantly greater — compared to the year before — deeming harvest levels safe.

For Upper Red Lake — special regulations surrounding walleye remain.

The daily and possession limit is three, and only one over 17 inches is allowed in possession.