Andrew Johnson to leave Minneapolis City Council early to pursue new job

Minneapolis City Council Member Andrew Johnson announced Monday he will only serve in the chamber on a part-time basis when he takes on a new job next month.

In a letter to constituents, Johnson revealed that he starts a new position at a renewable energy investment firm on Oct. 10.

“Needless to say, this isn’t perfectly timed with the end of the term,” he wrote.

From that point forward, Johnson says he still intends to be present for full City Council meetings until his successor is sworn in. His support staff will remain on duty full-time.

“My office and I remain committed to ensuring a smooth transition and transfer of information to our next council member for their success in serving our ward,” he wrote.

Johnson, who has served three terms representing Ward 12, already made it known last year he would not run for reelection.

Aurin Chowdhury, Nancy Ford and Luther Ranheim have all filed as candidates to fill Johnson’s place.