After long winter, Minnesotans get outside to enjoy spring thaw

Minnesotans kicked off the first day of spring by enjoying the warm weather that reached about 60 degrees on Sunday.

On March 20, spring officially begins meaning the days are getting longer and the temperatures start to stay warm.

But some said Minnesota weather has a mind of its own.

“It’s been so cold and I’m just so happy that I can be able to go out enjoy and let the sun just hit my face,” Obi Igwe, Minnesotan, said.

Spring has sprung in Minnesota.

“I saw the birds and I thought it’s time to go. It’s time to get out and enjoy the sun,” David Meads, Minnesotan, said.

David said his four-legged partner in crime, Goliath, already skipped ahead to summer.

“He’s a summertime dog, so in the summertime he puts on his summer gear and in the wintertime puts on his winter gear,” Meads said. 

But today he left his snow boots at home.

“He picks these outfits out. He tells me what he wants to wear. He has a whole bunch of them sitting right by the front door,” Meads said.

Minnesotans kicked off the first day of spring with a walk around the Lake of the Isles.

“Just listening to a nice audio book or talking to your loved ones walking around the lake not even realizing you walked like a whole lot of miles,” Igwe said.

Areas of the lake are still covered in ice. It’s sending a sign to some that cold weather is not in the rear-view mirror just yet.

“I’m not foolish because I do know there will be a little bit of a tease just to make sure we remember where we’re coming from,” Igwe said.

Some said the weather whiplash comes with being a Minnesotan.