After 33 years in law enforcement, Stillwater police chief retires

Stillwater Police Chief John Gannaway is retiring after 13 years as police chief and 33 years in law enforcement.

Gannaway made the announcement via the Stillwater Police Department’s social media.

"I am humbled to have served as your chief," Gannaway wrote. "The support you have had for the police department has always been amazing. There have been times when being in the law enforcement profession has been difficult, and we at the Stillwater Police Department are always awed and thankful for your support."

He went on to write that the officers he has worked with "are simply good people trying to do a difficult job."

"The past few months, starting with the COVID pandemic and then with the civil unrest, the officers and staff of the Stillwater Police Department have been steadfast, dependable, and dedicated," Gannaway wrote. "This is the most trying time that law enforcement has experienced in the 33 years I have been in the profession. You should be as proud of them as I am."