4 juveniles in custody after 2 police pursuits recover stolen vehicles on Monday

Four juveniles are in custody after allegedly stealing vehicles and leading law enforcement on a chase on Monday.

Officers with the Orono Police Department responded to a home on Togo Road on Monday around 8:30 p.m. on a report of a stolen vehicle. Law enforcement began searching the area for a stolen BMW SUV, according to a news release from Orono police.

A short time later, an officer driving eastbound on Shoreline Drive caught up to an SUV that was similar to the description of the stolen vehicle, which had no taillights and was speeding.

The officer lost sight of the vehicle near Bracketts Point Road and Shoreline Drive after the vehicle accelerated when the officer pursued it. The vehicle was later found on the corner of Shoreline Drive after it crashed into a garage on the curve and a 14- and 17-year-old were taken into custody.

Damage to the garage following the crash in Orono on Monday night

Law enforcement says the vehicle that crashed into the garage in Orono was a stolen vehicle from Blaine; however, at the same time, Wayzata police officers found the stolen BMW driving eastbound on Shoreline Drive and Orono Orchard Road.

Law enforcement tried to use spike strips to stop the BMW, but it continued eastbound on Shoreline Drive to eastbound Highway 394, officials say.

Near Highway 394 and Central Avenue, the BMW hit a curb divider and light pole for the on-ramp to 394, but the SUV continued before hitting a squad car.

The 14-year-old driver and the 13-year-old passenger tried to run from the stolen vehicle but were taken into custody, according to Orono police.

Officers recovered items from the vehicle that were reported missing to Orono police, the release added.