'Please forgive me': Child writes apology letter to 911 dispatchers after prank calls in Beltrami County

A child in northern Minnesota has learned their lesson after making some prank calls to 911 dispatchers.

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office posted to their Facebook page about the incident on Friday. According to the post, authorities received a heartfelt letter that was written to the 911 dispatchers who previously had fielded some prank calls from a young caller.

"I was the one prank calling you. I really truly apologize and I learned that that is not okay and it's not a joke," said the letter, in part. "My mom told me that people have died because of this."

The child goes on to say he or she felt guilty of the situation and mentioned it was the child's grandparents' house where the calls were made.

"I was afraid [my grandparents] would get charged," the letter said.

Police said they sent a letter back accepting their apology and made sure to inform the child that the sheriff's office is still a friend of theirs. They add the child was visiting with his family from Missouri.

The letter ends with, "P.S. I love your service. Thank you."