2 Twin Cities restaurants report weekend break-ins

In an already tough time for local business, two Twin Cities restaurants reported weekend break-ins.

Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis and J. Selby's in St. Paul both reported employees were working to clean up broken glass after the weekend incidents.

In a Facebook post, Birchwood Cafe stated, "Thankfully no one got hurt, nothing of value was taken and we have good people in our community who helped us Keep Calm and Carry On —and Carry Out too!"

Meanwhile, J. Selby's stated via social media, "Luckily not much of value was taken, and we are boarded up now. We WILL be open for lunch and dinner as usual. We look forward to seeing you (from a distance) soon!"

It was the latest incident for J. Selby's; the restaurant also reported a break-in in 2018.

Search for St. Paul restaurant break-in suspect underway

In the comments on the restaurants' posts, many shared encouraging and supportive messages.

It's unclear if police are investigating the break-ins.