2 more school staff members die from COVID-19

Two Minnesota school staff members have died from COVID-19 — the first deaths of the current school year says Education Minnesota.

Since Aug. 1, 2020, a total of 10 school staff members and one student have now died from COVID-19, according to state data.

"Today is another tragic reminder that this pandemic isn’t over," Denise Specht, president of Education Minnesota, said. "Everyone in our school communities must continue doing everything we can to keep ourselves and our students safe and in the buildings. For at least a little while longer, our schools need to embrace masking, social distancing, vaccinations and all the other tools in the toolbox to keep schools open during the current surge of the virus."

A total of 29,222 COVID-19 cases have been associated with schools since August 2020, including 342 hospitalizations and ICU care of students and staff.

Some Minnesota schools have already been forced into distance learning this school year due to COVID outbreaks, including one in Minneapolis after the district said 67% of the school’s students were exposed to COVID-19.

No other details about the staff members who died were immediately available.