2 juveniles arrested in Big Lake carjacking

Authorities on Wednesday arrested a pair of juveniles suspected of carjacking a woman in Big Lake.

Big Lake Police said officers were called to a robbery in the Station Street Apartments parking lot at 6:43 p.m.

The victim told police two boys approached her, saying they needed a ride. One then pulled out a gun and told her to give him the keys or he’d shoot her. They then got inside the vehicle and sped off.

OnStar tracked the vehicle to the 700 block of Martin Avenue, and an officer then found the vehicle and saw two boys matching the suspects’ descriptions walking toward Coborn’s.

Police said the boys ran when they saw the police car but officers found one of them hiding under a vehicle at a car dealership. Two citizens saw the other boy and followed him, helping police take that boy into custody as well.

The department said a gun, car keys and clothing were also found near a fence the boys climbed over.