14-year-old arrested after threatening another teen with a knife

A 14-year-old was booked into juvenile detention after threatening another teenager with a knife and barricading herself from authorities.

The Carver County Sheriff’s Office said they received reports Friday evening of a 14-year-old girl threatening to stab a 15-year-old boy and chasing the teen with a knife inside a Chanhassen home on the 3000 block of West 78th Street.

Deputies arrived on scene and found the boy had locked himself in a room and saw the girl at the top of the stairway. The girl then left the view of deputies and reportedly barricaded herself in a bedroom. The deputies then escorted everyone else in the house, including the victim of the threats, outside to safety.

Authorities said they attempted to negotiate with the girl for 40 minutes, even getting her to open the bedroom door. However, deputies claim she refused to comply with verbal commands.

Deputies then used pepper balls, a projectile that releases a spray of gas similar to pepper spray, to saturate the room. The girl exited the bedroom and was taken into custody without further incident. A knife was recovered at the scene.

The girl was brought to a medical center for evaluation and, after being cleared, was transported to Carver County Juvenile Detention. She was booked for second-degree assault, threats of violence and domestic assault.

She is currently being held for court.