Some Wendy's locations experiencing beef shortages, limited menus

Wendy's is experiencing beef shortages at some locations across the United States due to meat packing plants shutting down temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company provided the following statement on the matter:

"As you've likely heard, beef suppliers across North America are currently facing production challenges. Because of this, some of our menu items may be in short supply from time to time at some restaurants in this current environment. We continue to supply hamburgers to all of our restaurants, with deliveries two or three times a week. We're working diligently to minimize the impact to our customers and restaurants, and continue to work with our supplier partners to monitor this closely."

Multiple news outlets have reported a beef shortage at 18% of Wendy's locations, according to a research study from Stephens, Inc.

The shortages vary by state. Sources say hundreds of Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and New York restaurants are out of beef, while other states' menus do not indicate any supply chain issues.