State leaders identify alternate care site in Roseville in event area hospitals reach capacity

Wednesday, state leaders finalized and signed a lease agreement proposing using a facility in Roseville as an alternate care site should the need arise.

Gov. Tim Walz and the State Emergency Operations Center selected Presbyterian Homes-Langton Place as a location at which low-level medical care or monitoring could take place, in the event area hospitals are at capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a news release, the care facility would not be used for walk-in medical care, nor as a virus treatment facility.

"Minnesotans deserve as much peace of mind as we can give them during this pandemic, and signing this lease is another way we’ve made good use of the time Minnesotans have bought us by staying home and slowing the spread of COVID-19," Walz said in a statement. "By setting up this alternate care site in Roseville, our team is making sure that—should it ever be needed—our hospitals have the capacity they need to treat all patients who need care."

State leaders said first, expansion capacity within hospitals will be used to treat patients. Then, if full capacity is met, hospital representatives will work with patients to identify those who could safely be transferred to alternate care sites in order for hospitals to continue treating COVID-19 patients.

Wednesday, the Minnesota Department of Health reported positive COVID-19 cases in the state totaled 4,644. The department reported 18 additional deaths and 950 total hospitalizations. Meanwhile, MDH reported 2,043 people had recovered and were no longer in need of isolation.

Editor’s Note: Information from a news release indicated the location selected was Presbyterian Homes-Langton Shores. It is, in fact, Presbyterian Homes-Langton Place. The copy has been updated to reflect the difference.