Minnesota man shares experience in quarantine after returning from China

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5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has heard from a Minnesota man in quarantine because of the coronavirus.

The incident comes as a second 1,500-bed hospital is set to open in Wuhan, China Thursday. Wuhan is considered the epicenter of the outbreak.

The number of cases also increased dramatically overnight by 3,600, bringing the total to nearly 30,000 confirmed around the world.

Yu Lin Yin originally flew to China to be with his family for the Chinese New Year.

But at this point, like many people, his parents have not left their house.

Yin said his siblings are the only ones who have stepped outside and that’s because his mother and father needed help.

"If they went to pick up medication in the hospital, they were really, really nervous," Yin said. "They wore something very protective and they actually went home first to take off all the clothes they wore."

The 48-year-old’s wife stayed back home in Minnesota and worked to get Yin on one of the evacuation flights.

Yin said local politicians helped them with the process, and eventually, the Chinese embassy called him to confirm he was able to leave.

When he got to the airport, Yin said passengers arriving at 5 p.m. weren’t able to board until 8 a.m. the following morning due to all the screenings.

As for his family back in China, he said there are a lot of unknowns and although he was able to leave, he said he worries about his family.

"I got really worried because I didn’t know when the travel ban would be lifted to go outside Wuhan. I was very hopeful the situation could become short and quick but it did not happen, (it) actually got worse. "

Yin is now quarantined in a building in California where he will have to stay for 14 days before he can come back to Minnesota.

He said there is a courtyard where those quarantined can go outside but there is also a big fence around it.

Two more planes from Wuhan are expected to return to the United States Thursday morning with hundreds of Americans on board.