Life Time offers mental health training to employees during COVID-19 pandemic

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It’s a known fact the COVID-19 pandemic has negative physical effects on people — including death. There are also factors that negatively affect a person’s mental health, whether it be the unknown of when this pandemic will be over or a loss of work that leads to financial insecurity.

Life Time is one of many businesses that has shut down the vast majority of its operations. It has furloughed more than 30,000 employees, including thousands in its home state, Minnesota. During this time, it will continue to cover employee health benefits —including 100% of premiums.

One of its departments still working is Life Time Mind. It puts a focus on strengthening one’s mental health. Right now, Life Time Mind is only offered to employees, and its director says a service like this is needed more than ever.

“There’s no doubt that right now, more than ever, most of us are consumed with worry at some point throughout the day,” said Jen Elmquist, director of Life Time Mind.

“When I think about mental resiliency, ultimately it’s [about] adopting a mindset that helps us make it through difficult times,” Elmquist told KSTP. “But, also helps us bounce back after difficult times are over.”

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Part of Life Time’s commitment to its furloughed employees includes one-on-one sessions with Life Time Mind "coaches." Some of its mental resiliency tips, which anyone can work on at home, include:

  • Mind/body-grounding exercises that help one de-stress, relax the body and focus the mind
  • Thought-shifting exercises that help one control an inner conversation and steady their mental state
  • Solution-focused exercises that helps one focus on the positive and feel more in control during escalating, negative circumstances

A guide of exercises can be downloaded on its website.

Elmquist also said to remember that this too shall pass. It just might take a bit of a workout — with the mind and body — to make it through healthy.