What you can and can’t do during Minnesota’s ‘stay at home’ order

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There are a lot of questions as to what you can and can’t do once the ‘stay at home’ order goes into effect.

One of the orders many of us are already used to is bars and restaurants remain closed, but you can still order take-out and go through the drive-thru.

Plus, this executive order gives a list of other places shutting their doors, including gyms, zoos, museums, arcades, bowling alleys, movie theaters, concert halls, country clubs, salons and barbershops.

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"The boredom is definitely setting in because we’re not used to this," said Rich, who lives in St. Paul.

While there is a long list of closures, about 78% of Minnesotans are considered "essential workers" so plenty will remain open.

This list includes post offices, banks and essential key services like hospitals, clinics, dentists, pharmacies and food shelves.

"We always walk," said Toddy, who lives in St. Paul.

You can also do plenty of activities outside including walking, biking, fishing, hiking or going for a drive. If you go to a park, you cannot use the playground equipment.

"You have to get outside, you can’t sit in your house, well especially with the weather starting to get nice," Rich said.

Child care facilities, funeral homes, convenience stores, gas stations and hardware stores are all still open, and so are laundromats and animal clinics. Plus, we’re all going to need plenty of food during this time so you can still shop at grocery stores and at liquor stores.

"Things will come back but people have to be smart," Toddy said.

Remember, social distancing is key through all of these activities so keeping six feet between you and others is important.

For a complete list of all of the guidelines on what’s closed and what’s open during this time, including what is considered an "essential worker," visit the link here.