Thousands of Minnesota workers have option to return to work Monday

Monday, some Minnesota businesses will be able to reopen if they meet certain requirements.

The loosened restrictions will allow thousands of Minnesota workers to return to their jobs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business owners are asked to make sure a plan is in place that highlights what’s being done to protect workers and customers.

On top of that, businesses must follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on social distancing, hygiene and sanitation.

Additionally, businesses will be required to post their plans in the workplace, highlighting what’s being done to protect workers. Businesses will also need to train employees on their plans and screen for symptoms of COVID-19, including an optional step of taking temperatures.

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Manufacturing, industrial and office employees have the option to return to work Monday.

One company, Brickmania, has been making preparations. The company creates Lego kits and a big part of employees’ work is done in a warehouse.

Most of its employees had been working from home but the company is now ready to bring them back.

"We already started our own little protocol but now we’re going to be open for real, we have to get a written plan," Dan Siskind, owner of Brickmania, said. "So, everything we’ve already been doing has to be put in a written plan and then distributed to anyone who is going to be coming in."

Gov. Tim Walz lifted restrictions for roughly 20,000 businesses, if they meet certain criteria.

The executive order Walz signed could possibly bring back 100,000 workers, though some businesses have opted to remain closed.

The governor’s restriction on other businesses remains intact until May 4, the end date of the current ‘stay at home’ order.