Strangers helping strangers, with some help from social media

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A Facebook group called “COVID19-Delivery Twin Cities Metro, MN” is helping coordinate volunteers to bring food and supplies to those who aren’t able to get them themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 2,300 people have joined the group in just days.

“As soon as I created the Facebook group it was, ‘Ding, ding, ding!’” said Chris Larson. “There are probably five to ten times more people willing to help than have actually posted for help. And then you see the people posting for help and immediately there are responses.”

And the responses have grown, people around the state are eager to help their fellow Minnesotans.

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“I was fully prepared to just sit on the couch and watch Netflix for however long,” said Adam Schreifels.

Schreifels volunteered to help deliver supplies to a woman who wasn’t able to leave her house out of fear her preconditions would make her more susceptible to COVID-19.

This group of strangers isn’t the only people ready to step up. Make-shift food pantries are popping up around the state, like one built by Jannette Kuhnes in Lakeville.

“Even with this coronavirus that has been going around, it hasn’t deterred people from donating items,” said Kuhnes. “I was actually able to witness a couple young kids take a few items out, and it’s just a blessing to see.”

“It’s important for people to know, if they are alone, they can reach out and somebody will be there for them,” said Becky Backus, who also volunteers on the Facebook group.

“It brings a lot of joy to see that there are still people who want to help people,” said Laura Nilles, who helps coordinate the Facebook group.

You can find ways to help with the COVID19-Delivery Twin Cities Metro, MN group here.