Some Minnesota businesses able to reopen, with restrictions

Monday, a new group of businesses have the option to restart some of their business, helping to put about 30,000 Minnesotans back to work.

The executive order from Gov. Tim Walz allows certain retailers to open back up, with restrictions; however, some say the order doesn’t go far enough.

Minnesota retailers look forward to reopening with safety adjustments

Over the weekend, a southeastern state senator made her thoughts clear on social media.

"We need to get our small businesses open," Sen. Julie A. Rosen said. "They are responsible business owners. They can figure this out with social distances, which we all have figured out. We’ve been very respectful with that and our results in MN show that we’re doing a very good job."

Rosen wasn’t alone over the weekend.

A rally filled with supporters to fully reopen was held in St. Paul.

Thursday, Walz responded to pushback he’s received from lawmakers and voters.

"I think we have set parameters, we have set goals, we have turned the dial, we told them we would turn the dial," Walz said. "If I believed I could crank the dial all the way to right today, that’s what I’d like do, but it’s not ready."

More restrictions may be lifted this week.

Walz said the ‘stay at home’ order has allowed hospitals to build up their stores of protective equipment.

As a result, a decision to allow elective surgeries could be made this week.

A meeting with state senators and small business owners is set for 9 a.m. Monday. A major goal for the meeting is to share how these small businesses can open up safely.

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