MDH says ‘no community exposures of concern’ in first coronavirus case

The Minnesota health officials released more updated information on the Minnesota COVID-19 case, saying there were "no community exposures of concern" and that they only have "positive things to say."

According to Kristen Ehresmann, the director of infectious disease for the Minnesota Department of Health, the infected Ramsey County individual who tested positive for COVID-19 was properly handled, and the spread of the virus is at low risk from the individual.

Health officials say there is "no community exposure of concerns" from the case.

"What that means is there were no exposures that lasted longer than 10 minutes that were (within) 6 feet of another person," Ehresmann said. "So there was no community exposure at all, which was wonderful news,"

1st COVID-19 case confirmed in Minnesota

The health care worker who dealt with the individual was wearing a mask, and the Ramsey County individual who tested positive was also wearing a mask. Therefore, the proper protocols were used during contact with the individual; the risk of spreading the virus to the health care worker is low.

The person most likely got the virus while on the Grand Princess cruise ship in Mexico with 25 other Minnesotans who got off the ship on Feb. 21, health officials said.

The other 25 cruise ship passengers were all tested, and only two showed symptoms, one being the Ramsey County individual. The other patient who showed symptoms was tested, and the result came out negative.

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All of the other people who were aboard the ship completed the 14 days incubation and passed the time when they would and could have developed the virus, according to Ehresmann.

Ehresmann also said the individual who tested positive for COVID-19 is "stable and at home doing well."