Grocery shopping spikes before Friday’s ‘stay at home’ order

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Although Governor Tim Walz’s ‘stay at home’ executive order does allow residents to go to grocery stores, get takeout, drive-thru and delivery food, the hours counting down to enactment of the order led to busy grocery shopping.

"I have never seen so much off the shelves," said Christopher Roy, Sentyrz Liquor & Supermarket manager in Minneapolis. "As fast as we put it on the shelf, it goes right off again."

It’s been anything but business as usual.

"I’ve been trying to find the sanitizer for two weeks," said John Zamora, who was shopping for groceries Friday.

During the pandemic, people are picking up new ‘stay at home’ hobbies, so there have been a few items in high-demand that the store hasn’t seen before.

"Flour, rye flour, white flour, cornflower," said Walter Sentryz, Sentyrz Liquor & Supermarket owner. "And that’s only because people are staying home and now they’re maybe going back to their roots and baking with their kid. And now everybody wants yeast. Now I’m actively scouring the market looking for yeast."

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Eggs, cheese and butter are also crowd favorites, along with the usual rush for toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

"I’m just trying to get some fresh meat, dairy products, and other items," said Jamen Mork, who was shopping for groceries. "It’s reassuring that I know I have a place nearby that I can come to this time of need."

For some, the shopping list included enjoying a good stiff drink in the time of uncertainty.

"A little V8 for the Bloody Mary!" said John Zamora, who was shopping for groceries.

But even as the supply and demand change almost minute-by-minute, one thing has stayed the same: Minnesotans, leading by example, and spreading kindness, regardless of what’s available on the store shelves.

"We’ve seen people using food stamps, not having enough food stamps to pay for a meal and I’ve had people behind them donate $20. Yesterday, I had a woman come in and give me $300 to give away," said Sentryz.