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Prep45 Streaming Events

Minnesota State Boys Hockey Tournament


Wednesday, March 6th                            

11:00 AM Class 1A Quarterfinals                     

1:00 PM Class 1A Quarterfinals                      

6:00 PM Class 1A Quarterfinals

8:00 PM Class 1A Quarterfinals

Thursday, March 7th

11:00 AM Class 2A Quarterfinals                     

1:00 PM Class 2A Quarterfinals                      

6:00 PM Class 2A Quarterfinals

8:00 PM Class 2A Quarterfinals

Friday, March 8th

11:00 AM Class 1A Semifinals            

1:00 PM Class 1A Semifinals                      

6:00 PM Class 2A Semifinals

8:00 PM Class 2A Semifinals

Saturday, March 9th

12:00 PM Class 1A Final            

7:00 PM Class 2A Final                      

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