Minnesota Moment: High schoolers recognized for spreading kindness

A group of 10 northern Minnesota high schoolers have been doing their part to spread kindness, and are now unexpectedly being rewarded.

Boutique owner Aurora Watson created the campaign, "This was really born at the height of online bullying and negativity, so I wanted to create an initiative that broke up the bullying."

It doesn’t take something major to spread kindness, says Cherry High School Junior Bailey Kowarsch.

"It was really just the little things I do. It’s not anything crazy," she said. "I just try to say hi to people and smile at them and I do this thing where I write like little notes to people where I send them a text message at random."

The 10 high schoolers are receiving a glam photoshoot and a makeover for their kindness. One of them will even receive a free prom dress. The girls say it’s not the things they are receiving that is important, but the good they are doing.